Joios is a collaborative tasting community, created by Matt Bruck and Todd Fearn to sort through abundant food and drink options.

Our TastePeers approach makes ratings relevant: your taste drives your recommendations. We gather data at tasting events that are both serious and fun. Our App ties all the pieces together.

We picked the name – “joios” is pronounced “joyous” and spelled as in Old French and modern Catalan – to reflect the tone of our Joios Community.

Why do we need Joios recommendations?

A few generations ago, the idea of too many options would have been rare in most categories. Today, consumers often face endless arrays of options. These information overloads drive us to flawed choices - or away from making choices at all.

Narrowing the field to a few relevant choices clearly helps. Historically, narrowing the field meant relying on critics or expert panels. Expert reviewers can be genuinely helpful, particularly when an “objective best” is discoverable.

More recently, an industry has emerged around helping consumers make better “subjective best” choices by harnessing the crowd, or groups of friends. Mobile communications, social media and a culture of sharing have made crowd-based filtering tools broadly available. These filters, ratings and recommendations can be helpful – but they are increasingly subject to a fundamental data problem. Bias, favoritism and the buzz of the crowd all subvert them. Our research suggests that some of the most popular recommendation tools are not effective for making optimal choices.  

Ratings are truly helpful when the data and analysis behind them is real. Objective tests of measurable product features are difficult in most contexts. Pools of blind tastings may be the best alternative for consumables. Joios - the process, the community and the algorithm - reflects this thinking. 

The Joios recommendation algorithm is built around blind tastings by verified users. Every Joios tasting maintains the same format: drinks are served in plain cups and food is served without wrapper. We give no advance information to tasters.

By removing all indicators of status, price, reputation and buzz from the ratings process, we allow raters to focus exclusively on the taste - as it appears in their own noses and mouths.

Contact us to participate. Joios Temporary Registration We promise not to share your info.

Bonny Doon

Matt Bruck (L) and Todd Fearn (R), Joios Founders, with Randy Graham, Bonny Doon CEO.