We host lots of Tastings. Many are Public.

We have just 4 rules:

1) Blind Tastings

2) Personal Ratings

3) Interesting Tasting Arrays

4) Fun!

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Beyond that, the definition of a Joios event is limited only to the imagination of our community and our partners.

“Standard” Tastings

At every tasting, participants receive about 6 identical tasting samples of the items to be tasted. Portions and vessels vary – from ½ ounces of spirits in a small wine glass to ½ teaspoons of peanut butter in a soup spoon – but they are always served without any identifiers or favoritism. 

We ask tasters to rate the items on a 1-5 scale (5 highest), using our iPhone app if possible. We are happy to discuss rating criteria, but we encourage tasters to draw their own conclusions, based simply on what they like. Thus we discourage tasters from comparing notes and responses until after they have recorded a score. 

Mike tasting

After the tastes are completed, we share results and compare reactions. The animated post-tasting discussions about the relative merits of various tastes often amuse us.

Tasting Experiences

Amazing Tastes

Some Joios community members want to focus almost entirely on tasting amazing food and/or drink. Their events tend to feature amazing - perhaps rare or unusual - products and flavors, which merit total attention and much serious contemplation. Modeled on the most sophisticated professional tasting events, they can be relatively serious in tone – but tend to be full of jokes and some friendly competition. Joios supports these “Amazing Tastings” with expert serving staff and the product to be tasted. These events might occur in an attendee’s home, club or conference room - or in a Joios Partner Venue. 

Joios team

Tasting Parties

Many Joios community members take food & drink discovery seriously – but are also eager to make their discoveries within a fun experience. Thus many Joios blind tastings are a compact part of a much broader social context. Joios (often with partners) can provide everything a compelling tasting experience requires: theme, staff, service, food, drink, games, auctions, education. 

Hemingway night

Spectacular Events

The Joios community includes amazing chefs, artists, writers and event producers. They inspire the inclusion of education, music, performance, fundraising and games. They have drawn Joios into a wonderful supporting role as one small part of spectacular corporate parties and conferences.saks djs

Scale & Budget

Joios is flexible. Our events suit a range of scales and budgets. We’ve served casual parties and formal events, for 6 to 600, in ballrooms, retail spaces, homes and parks.