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Anima Negra’s Miguelangel Cerda celebrates with Joios. We’re big fans.

Spanish tasting gets Joios-ly funny.

How many would you match? Joios’ best picked 6 at the Spain vs France showdown. #winetasting

A Joios moment (amidst the serious tasting of 12). Thanks John, Marcia, Karen.

Tasting notes from Spain vs France. #winetasting #tastingnotes

Serious rating going on at Spain vs France tasting. Joios!

More Joios tasters! First-timers Simon and Marcia discuss Spain vs France.

Elena and Carol are Joios at the Spain vs France event. 

Anima Negra impresses the Joios Spanish tasting crowd with distinctive Mallorcan flavor. 

Tasting lineup for Joios Spanish tasting at Amelie.